In begining of summer 2015 year Charitable Foundation «Vinogradov» began new life. Its uniqueness — this active participate is many directions of life town. In Vinogradov and Vynohradov region are a lot disabled people and disadvantaged which needed support and help. New and active team of foundation was able to reached good results in a short period of time. So its gives hope for development of fund in further and also popularization of philanthropy and volunteerism like main ideas activity of organization.


27th July volunteers of Charitable Foundation «Vinogradov» presented electric wheelchair for 13-years girl Julia Santay which suffers from cerebral palsy. Representatives of foundation donated to Santay family electric wheelchair made in Germany production and conducted short training how use it. Now Julia with her mother can going to walk.

10th August representatives of foundation had meeting with Bogdanka Furchya from Korolevo. Girl was survived surgery operation and removing of malignant tumor in cerebellum and aggressive therapy by antibiotics. For Bogdanka is very important rehabilitation: hippotherapy, swimming, massages. Foundation started collect money for help to girl.

12th August was hold Youth Day’s for young disabled people from Vinogradov. Was organized picnic in nature. For guys and girls with special needs and for their families was provided free garden house, barbecue, drinks and sauna. This all was organized by assistance to hotel complex «Black Mountain».

With assistance by foundation in October Savko family (mother Marian and daughter Anya) was received passports for possibility going to hospital in Hungary for diagnosing and counseling. Little girl was received free document.

16th November public organization «Vinogradov» held presentation for students of secondary schools and students of vocational school #34. Representatives of public organization foundation «Vinogradov» retold to teenagers about aspects of volunteer activity which had become most popular due military actions in East of Ukraine.

Beginning of December to foudation appealed mother’s little girls Daniella Kudron from village Trosnyk. Her daughter has Mobius syndrome so can not smile and to express other emotions. For Daniella is difficult to speak also. So needed expensive surgery operation and foundation started to collect money for therapy girl.

3th December Children’s Art School Nevetlenfolu with Charitable Foundation «Vinogradov» and Hungarian «Edmashert» was initiated charity action for ill girl — Danielle Kudron. That to give to Daniell hope on full life in hall of government House in Vinogradov completed together regional, provincial deputies, teachers, doctors, priests and consul of Hungary.

18th December public charitable foundation «Vinogradov» made presents from Saint Nicholas for children with disabilities from town Vynogradiv and villages of Vinodradov region.

19th December in presentation debut clip of rock team :Chalamada» from Vinogradiv collected money for seriously ill girl — Danielle Kudron.

24th December foundation began non-stop campaign «To give pet your friendship and love». This action included in each from other directionof foundation — «Pets»

By initiative and promotion of public foundation «Vinogradov» together with other charities, patrons and people from Transcarpathia, all who was donated money to charity boxes we could collect money for financial support in rehabilitation of Bogdanka Furcha from Korolevo — 6500 Ua and in the first stage for surgery operations for Danielka Kudron fromTrosnyk — 180 thousand Ua.

First I am grateful for financial help in therapy of my daughter. I wish to Foundation «Vinogradov» and all benefactors prosperity and success in future. And also for all children and families which have difficult life situation and need support I wish to them patience and faith, — said Mr. Michael Furcha Bogdanka’s father.

It is very important to us that we are not alone in our disaster. It is very nice that there are many great people and organizations and patrons that really help. And we really grateful to them for support, — said Mrs. Anna Kudron Daniella’s mother.

Now is very important activites of charities and voluntary organizations. Great strength and significant opportunities when people united together for help. Our activities primarily is focused on helping our countrymen that which need support. And we can not leave their without it. It’s nice that Vynogradov is philanthropy and volunteerism. This is sign of humanity, Europeanness and high consciousness, — said manager of foundation «Vinogradiv» Ivan Buschko about first results of activity organisation.

From self side Charitable Foundation «Vinogradov» to many thanks to cooperation partners and as well all residents of Vinogradov which donated in extent possible money to charity projects of foundation. Also to many thanks to Vynohradiv district hospital and hospital in Debrecen (Hungary) for information and consulting cooperation.

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