How to explain to the child why some children can not run or speak? How to bring the idea of what is important in the lives of people with special needs? How to help to understand what they feel and see this world?

It will be easier for you to raise the topic of inclusion in the process of bringing up children, if you look at the following cartoons together with them. We present a collection of such cartoons from WoMo.

1. La petite casserole d`Anatole / Little pot of Anatolia

The French cartooners have created a short film, which with the help of a metaphor — a saucepan — will help even the youngest children to understand who such people with special needs and why to be special — is normal.

2. Out of Sight

The cartoon, created in the style of the anime, shows that the blind people feel. In short, the intention is to amplify the sound in order to demonstrate the fact that blind people hear much more clearly than the sighting ones. And the children will learn about the helpers of special people — the magic wands and the dog-guide.

3. Scarlett / Scarlett

At the center of the plot was a girl named Scarlett, who was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma (bone cancer). To save her life, doctors had to amputate the shin, and now Scarlett is forced to wear a prosthetic. Because of this she feels unnecessary and lonely, and she can not dance. But once the mother, who believes in her daughter, once again wears a ball gown on Scarlett, and the baby is transformed. She becomes the most fun girl that is interesting to be friends and play.

4. About Dima

The script of the cartoon was written on the basis of the book of the same name Natalya Remish, the author of the project «Children about the important». The animation tape tells about the meeting of the girl Mir and boy Dima. He goes poorly and almost does not speak, but the curiosity of the World and the good advice of her mother are the beginning of real friendship. The girl has to understand that the games and sympathy of the diagnoses are not a hindrance, and you can share the joy of communication with those who differ from you.

5. Tamara / Tamara

This is a touching story about a deaf girl named Tamara. She adores dancing and dreams of becoming a ballerina. Despite deafness, she has a beautiful plastic and a sense of rhythm. Perhaps one day Tamara’s dream comes true, because she is very much supported by her mother. Having seen the short film, it will be easier for you to explain to children how important your support is to special people.

6. Overcomer

This short film was created by the multiplier Hanna Spengler. Her film over the course of the year got more than 3 million hits in YouTube, all because Hannah touched on a very important topic for teens — inner loneliness and depression. How to overcome such a difficult state and re-believe in yourself? Answers will give Hannah’s ribbon.

7. Waltz Duet / Waltz Duo

In this tape, everything is wonderful — both the idea and the script, and 3D animation, and music. The short story tells about sisters-Siamese twins — Emily and Elizabeth. They do not go out and do not talk to anyone. The only joy is playing piano.

But one day a young violinist, who passed by their house, heard a stunning melody. Sisters, fearing condemnation, are trying to drive him away, but the young man does not leave. On the contrary, he begins to play on the violin. The cartoon demonstrates how important it is to pay attention to special people, to communicate with them and to be friends.

8. Cuerdas / Strings

This 11-minute film by the Spanish cartoonist Pedro Solis in 2016 was awarded the Goya Prize. Solis devoted him to his children, the daughter of Alejandre and the son of Nicholas. You will see how much and for the better the life of Mary’s daughter changed when she met a special boy who had cerebrospinal fluid diagnosis. You can see the tape in good quality on Vimeo.

9. Le secret de Maël / The Secret of Maël

People suffering from Angela’s syndrome are often taken for the strangers who smile about and without. In fact, these people simply can not control their mimicry and hand movements, involuntary and chaotic. The cartoon will help children understand how to react, if you suddenly get to know a person with Angela’s syndrome.

10. Mon petit frère de la lune / My brother from the moon

The author of this cartoon is Frenchman Frederick Philippe. His son is an autistic, and it was he who inspired Frederick to create a short tape in which the speaker is the sister of a special boy.

She talks about his life and how he sees the world around him: «He seems to never see me and he does not hear me, he looks to heaven … If I were a sorcerer, I would have envied him so that he would like to be with us more than on the moon «. My sister invented a special language to communicate with an autistic brother and assures everyone that everything is okay with him, it’s just «from the moon.»


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