Yegor Panasyuk, a boy with a cerebral palsy, refused to go to the ROSHEN Kyiv factory.

This information «to the Ukrainian truth. Life «was confirmed by his mother Victoria.

«I had a conversation with Ms. Natalia, a senior guide. She confirmed that we were refused due to the fact that the tour is limited in time, we have a cart and we will detain the group, — Victoria said. — But we never had any problems in this matter. Top of cynicism — I was offered to wait an hour, and after a tour we will bring something sweet. «

Victoria said that on the eve of the organizers of the tour, ROSHEN was asked if it was possible to come to a child with a disability and received an affirmative answer.

«To my questions, how and to whom to contact to understand whether it is possible for people with a disability to get on a trip to Roshen, (the senior guide — ed.) Advised to apply to the head of the advertising manager. This was the first time we were not allowed to go on a custom tour due to disability. It is very revealing that it was Roshen 🙂 «, — says Mother Yegor.

She also deals with the special «Hope» specialty. This institution trains about 400 children who need to correct physical and / or mental development.

«If in Roshen something is not suitable for such children, then they must work with them so that these children also have access», — a woman is convinced.

In response to our request, ROSHEN’s press service responded that the company was conducting excursions for all those who wanted, without restricting anyone, including people with special needs.

«In cases when a group of visitors on wheelchairs is recorded, the guide changes the excursion program for reasons of safety and sanitary norms and excludes from it the room where the production process is directly, because there is dirt on the wheels of the trolleys.

In cases where the production premises are excluded from the route, the tour includes a story about the history of the factory, a thematic film about the production of chocolate, tasting and sweet gifts to all the members of the group, «the answer says.

The press service also claims that the organizer of the group, which included Yegor, did not warn the tour guide about a special needs child during the recording of the tour.

However, Mother Egor claims that the organizers of the excursion warned ROSHEN that the group will have a child on the cart.

The press service is convinced that instead of a full tour, Mom proposed to Yegor «an alternative»: «watch a movie, taste the product and get a present.»

The press service also said that the organizer from the group itself apologized to the guides for not informing about the necessary training.

«We are sorry that with Yegor this situation has occurred and we offer to visit a guided tour with a complete route with special support,» the press service adds.

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