For the sake of Orest Zalypsky studied animals, gathering insects and caring for his own planted flowerbed.

In the university library of the biological faculty of the LNU them. Ivan Franko knew the boy was still a teenager — he has been engaged in community activities since the age of 14.

Now, in his 20s, he has been leading the Eco Zahist initiative for two years now.

Orest — Lviv. And the idea is that most of the cities know their number, because the phone breaks out of messages about new adventures.

All of this is done by Orestes solely on a volunteer basis, while studying at the National Forestry University.

To the Day of Homeless Animals, which the world celebrates annually on the third Saturday of August, Zalypsky told «Ukrainian Truth. Life «, as he had to save the eagles, the foxes, the protein, the monkey, the stick, the whole farm and ordinary pigs and dogs.


400 hryvnia. That is how much they tried to get for a half a month of his salesmen.

Trade in small wildlife has a specific purpose: they hunt down hunting dogs. As a result of training the dog just gnawed the fox.

Orestes accidentally hit this ad by flipping OLX. He made a screenshot and called sellers with a proposal to «buy» an animal.

The activist arranged a meeting and came with the police and journalists.

«Everything was done according to the usual scheme: a person throws a cage with a wild animal and says that he does not know anything about the sale, but simply passes the fox because, they say, someone asked.

However, the police immediately fixed the situation. And I took the guy’s hairdresser, calling him Fox, «the boy says.
After that, Orestes reduced the haylage to the vet. As it turned out, it had problems with the stomach — the animal was fed milk and cheese instead of meat.

Fortunately, the eco-activist has found a house for lilting for him — he has prepared a special place on the territory of the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life «Shevchenkivsky grove» in Lviv.

«Unfortunately, OLX is too easy to buy a wild animal,» the ecologist said indignantly.

After the situation with Fox, people repeatedly sent links to similar ads to the boy. But he simply can not intercept everything.

«Ideally, this should be done by the environmental inspection. For example, there is a cyber police that blocks certain words and expressions in social networks.

And the environmental inspection should block the announcement of the sale of wildlife «- sure the activist.


Other times Orest and members of «Eco Zahisti» had to be taken away from the bar. In the establishment the bird already managed to beat the dishes.

«From the bar, we were called by people who reported that there was a stork going there. And his cleaner still mows the mosquito «, — remembers the boy.

When the defenders arrived, the host said that they wanted to score the turkeys — so they were taken away. To the bar.

The activists began to catch a bird and here … an incredible cry began. Half of the visitors wanted the cruise to be saved. The rest — he was opposed, for they, they say, are good when the storks entertain them.

«Dissatisfied exclamations were also about the fact that we put the bean in a bag.
I had to explain that in a cage such a wild bird would just break its wings. The bag, on the other hand, is more elastic «, — says the activist.

Stork was in a terrible state. However, the eco-advocates he cured — and released in the autumn in nature.


In 2012-2013, people in the center of Lviv often went with eagles on a stick and offered passersby to make a photo.

«We understood that it was abnormal, and decided to do business. One day they tracked where these people go after «work», — tells Orest.

It turned out that the merchants were newcomers. They shot the apartment themselves, and eagles were kept in the basement.

Together with journalists, eco-activists decided to negotiate with so-called «owners» of birds. Instead, they were waiting for about hundred supporters of the «masters» of eagles to deal with their fists.

«The fact is that they had an agreement with the then militia. Imagine, «Berkut» guarded the basement with birds for a whole night «, — says the boy.

In the end, activists in the morning have made a court decision on the removal of animals. However, no one was brought to justice, but the case was closed in the absence of a crime.

Orestes says that the birds were in a very bad condition. When the eagles did not want to «work», people beat them with their fists in the chest or threw their heads on the ground.

Eco-advocates have looked after the eagles for more than 2 years: in Lviv eco-naturalistic center they built huge hangers. And yet, they made them baths, because the birds had corns on their paws, through which they could not walk for a long time.

Orestes explains that the eagle should sit on something bigger than a hand or fingers. Otherwise, the bird owns its claws wounds themselves.

Now the birds have even created nests in the cages.

According to the eco-activist, Lviv became the first city to overcome photography with eagles. Unlike other tourist cities, where to take pictures with birds — still acceptable entertainment.

I ask Orest about people who suggest taking pictures of pigeons.

The guy says that such «decorators» already seeing him, give themselves to Orestes birds. And then they go to the market of Krakow and buy a pigeon there for 50 hryvnias, «reflecting» this money with just one made photo.

«By the way, as far as I love animals, but a terrible phenomenon is the feeding of pigeons. It is these birds that are destroying the population of the smaller ones.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many sparrows in big cities?

That’s because when feeding pigeons, in the struggle for food, they destroy the sparrows and snigers — they just roll «, — shares knowledge Orestes.

The guy says that ordinary people should be just attentive — they already help the nature. When they slow down, seeing a hedgehog that runs through the road, or will take home a homeless kitten.

«People brazenly steal animals from wildlife and usually ends up negatively.

If a person sees the same owl that has fallen out of the nest — this is a completely natural selection. Hence, the constable’s mother pushed him deliberately, because he could be sick and infect other babies. This is not a reason to take him home «, — says Orest.

So the work should be done by specialists.

«Of course, there are cases where human intervention is necessary. But this applies only to those who know in the wild.

I was an eyewitness when the biblicals were born in September. I watched one of them fall out of the slot, then the second one. I knew it was a bad thing.

When he got on a tree, he saw that their mother had died, and they needed care. I sat every day with a syringe and fed them, «says the eco-protector.


Garik is a monkey of the kind «green martyr».

He was also offered to people to take pictures in the center of Lviv. In order to prevent the animal from damaging the customers, they cornered their teeth and spit alcoholic energy drinks.

«We met men with a monkey near the» High Castle «park. Just wanted a friend from Donetsk to show Lviv.
They were called by the then police. While waiting for the law-enforcement agencies, they decided to act themselves, «Orest says.

As if escaping from activists, «owners» of Garik flashed the monkey by the tail on the ground and wanted to throw in the trunk of the car.

Defenders did not endure such humiliation over the animal and sprayed them with gas balloons. There was a fight — and then the police approached.
In the department Orest wrote a statement and instantly found a Garik shelter in the ecological center.

However, in 15 days it was decided by the court that the animal should be returned to the owner. The appeal was not subject to appeal, because «it’s not a serious crime.»

However, Orestes did not give up. After some time he appointed a so-called «owners» meeting. For coffee men demonstratively placed on the table the documents on the animal and the envelope. Orestes took the documents for research, and deprived the envelope.

In the documents found a place for the purchase of an animal: the Crimean Zoo «Kozya Balk». However, the number indicated therein was invalid.

Then the guy found the number on the net and phoned to ask if they were selling monkeys. It turned out that the zoo deals only with dwarfed animals.

So, the documents on Garyka were forged.

«We have proved it. And the court decision was decided to leave the animal in the ecological and naturalistic center. «Businessmen» just disappeared, «says the boy.

Orestes says that it is impossible to plant such «owners» behind bars.

500 hryvnias a fine that a person has to pay for the fact that the eagles live in the cellar or the monkey intentionally knocking their teeth — that’s not enough.

The zoo advocates hope for amendments to the law «On ill-treatment of animals» — now for such an attitude is provided for up to 8 years imprisonment.


In 2014, in a village near Drohobych, the farmer left his farm: about 100 sheep, 50 ponies, 15 lamas, ostriches … Most of them died starvation.

Orest tells this story with incredible sadness in the eyes: a person who has an oil business in Russia, has set up a farm for entertainment in Ukraine, and eventually just disappeared.

The abandoned animals silently and nicely fed a resident of the village. In the end, the local priest burst into distress — he called eco-defenders on Christmas Eve.

«At first they decided to turn to the settlement head. But for him the grief-farmer is a holy person who built the stadium, made repairs at school and gave money to the church. No one listened to us «, — recalls Orest.

The activists were forced to call the police. While waiting, the boy could not withstand and asked a friend to help him climb through a two-meter fence — to investigate the situation.

According to Orestes, the farm was covered with corpses of animals. The ponies that were closed indoors, starved to death, clogged the wooden floor. The ostrich survived only because he loved to walk in a circle. Thus, he treaded the snow, and pulled out the grass from there.

The activists made a decision to seize and already a day went back to the farm. Of all the animals, two ponies, a llama, an ostrich and seven sheep were lost.

«The most painful thing was to look at the corpses of little lambs, because their mother was forced to give birth even in such conditions,» says the eco-protector.

Already after the activists took the animals that survived, fed and cared for them — the owner of the farm appeared and … sued that eco-defenders stole his animals.

He lost the court, but filed a petition for returning animals that were still alive.

Unexpectedly, the case was closed — they did not see a «willful» crime, despite the fact that the farmer just left, leaving the animals to die of starvation.

«Is this not a deliberate crime? Several times we were tried. In the end, the owner just disappeared.
Now we have not 7, but 14 sheep, which were taken closer to the Carpathians so that they could graze.
For two females, ponies have got males. And lama was called Cleopatra, because she had very good eyes. Now all animals are safe, «says Orest.


Orest, like most animal advocates, advocates the exclusion of animals from circus programs.

«Once upon a time a giraffe died in a mysterious way in the Lviv circus. When we came to the journalists to find out about the circumstances, the guards dropped us from the stairs, because they did not want to talk about it openly.
There is hell «, — the boy justifies his opinion.

Already later, from the veterinarian who was at the station, the activist learned that the giraffe died not from the disease, but from the fact that he had not eaten anything. The animal had only sawdust and leaves in the stomach.

And yet — terrible hematomas on the legs and neck.

The guy considers it very negative tradition of showing such a circus to children. They say, it is there that the kids instill an understanding that a person should be higher than an animal. As a counterweight, Orestes recalls the «Circus du Soleil» — the most famous circus without animals.

«Hardly anyone is thinking, going to the circus, over how, for example, the bear is taught to dance? And it is let out on a surface with heating and turn on the music. In the end, the bear burns its paws, but instinctively dances for the same song.

Everyone saw a long stick with a flower, which trainers guide the elephant. In fact, in this flower there is a metal hook, which a person pulls the animal by the ear, if not listening, «explains the eco-protector.

The inspection of such institutions should also be undertaken by the environmental inspection. But to check a law firm, such as a circus, the inspector must write a request, and the circus must give permission to review …

Usually, at this stage, everything ends.

Another, according to Orestes, should be sea water in the dolphins. Because ordinary river water rubs the dolphins skin, even worse — for seals.

«For example, in a dolphinarium in the city of Truskavets, Lviv region — there simply can not be a corresponding condition. And such breaches that cost the lives of animals, occur at every step, «says holocaust.

… There are plenty of similar stories a boy has.

Almost every day, homeless cats and dogs fall into his hands, with whom Orestes is always happy to help: either give them to volunteers who will find a pet for shelter or to be cured. Sometimes rare occurrences of stories with wildlife.

Now Zalypsky is nominating for the position of director of one of the largest parks in Lviv — Stryj. It was at the initiative of Orestes that the park restored the greenhouse.

Recently, the boy was beaten. The defender relates this to his social activities. He says that nothing was stolen — just smashed the glasses and broke his nose.

Obviously, for many people, the eco-advocate is impeding his own business.


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