Help Sasha hear and learn to speak.

Little Sashik was born a healthy child, developed well, began to speak a few words, and at some point we noticed that the son forgot the words and did not react to the sounds. While he was diagnosed, we lost a lot of time, — said the parents of the child.

Diagnosis: Bilateral neurosensory deafness. Therefore, Sashik urgently needs to make a costly operation — cochlear implantation, which costs 30 thousand dollars. If the operation is not done now, then my son can not only hear, but speak.

From the state we will be able to get help only in a few years.

We are standing in the queue at the institute. Professor Kolomiychenko of Kiev, but the turn does not move our number 373, and the term was given to us for 5 years, but as at the moment we are 4 years and 3 months, otherwise it will be useless, because the speech machine is formed up to a maximum of 4-5 years . Doctors say they need to do an implantation as soon as possible. This is the last chance to hear Sasha and learn to speak. Our family does not have such funds, so we ask all non-indifferent people to help raise money. We will be very grateful for every payment that will help my child to hear this world, «the parents of the boy ask.


Essential for help:

PrivatBank card

Simchik Tatyana Ivanivna

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