The end of last year with Michael Kovacs from village Pidvynohradiv happened misfortune  — he was fell under train. In a result — 23-year-old guy had completely lost his right hand.

In that evening 1th December 2015 Michael was in Vynohradiv railway station and had waited the train Lviv-Solotvyno. He was going to visited the consulate of Poland in Lviv and had get the visa. After when train arrival the guy went to his wagon of train with number №4 … and came to consciousness under the wheels of train. In a result of misfortune his right hand was cuted by train.

Injured Michael was immediately taken to hospital in intensive care where he been 5 days. After he was transferred to the military hospital in Mukachevo where he been more than like three weeks.

Now Michael needs the prosthesis. But unfortunately his family have not possibility  to buy functional prosthesis independently. With this modern prosthesis Michael can will work and to feel self confidence and will be free in society.

Please people do not be indifferent! Together we can return to Michael belief in themselves and we can give to guy the hope complete future!

Account number: «ViEs Bank»

                                 MFO 325213

                                 EDRPOU 3393116398

                                 account 26208000086221

                                 receiver Kovach Mikhael

Phone number: +38 (097) 894 68 60 (Michael);

                              +38 (095) 587 14 24 (Michael).


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