Was declared about collection of charitable money for first phase of rehabilitation for it need more than 7 thousand UAN.

The girl Anya Savko from Vinogradov which was born with cerebral palsy, had first rehabilitation in International Clinic of Rehabilitation in Truskavets (Lviv region).

This possibility given by the joint efforts of public charity foundation «Grapes», founders of foundation, the teams of enterprises and banks of Vinogradov and all who donated money to this charitable cause.

In boxes for donations which have been puted in banks and shops of town by the residents of Vinogradov were donated 4633 UAH. Amount of money which was need for full cost of rehabilitate was compensated by founders of charitable foundation «Vinogradov».

Currently continues fundraiser for another sick girl from Vinogradov. To Ksenia Heyrush was diagnosed aplastic anemia. Disease is extremely difficult and life of little girl can save only the operation of transplant bone marrow. Foreign experts agreed to do it.

Please be part of charity action and help to parents to give their daughter the hope in future.



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