Girls-volunteers from Uzhgorod and Vinogradov joined around charitable action — the raising funds for sick daughter of soldier of warrant of separate 128 mountain infantry brigade of Transcarpathia — to Emilia Matishynets.

Today at 8th May in the part of wine festival «Ugochanskuj vine — 2016» in Vinogradov, with involving volunteers of Transcarpathian regional center of social and vocational rehabilitation and vocational guidance «Vybir» and charity foundation «Vinogradiv», was held fundraiser for therapy of two-years Emily Matishynets.This little girl suffers from bilateral sensorineural deafness.

And once again by this action was proved: that the world is a lot nice people. And combining joint efforts together around charity case, we can achieve the success and give to girl the opportunity to hear voice of native mother.

«We are very happy to work together and we are happy also that could invest our contribution to this charitable cause. Today all together we had made another step to the dream of family’s Matishynets — to return of their daughter the hope on normal life», — said volunteers from Uzhgorod about their impressions from participation in action.

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