The purpose of the action, which took place in the city park. Baron Zhigmond Pereny, was to remind the younger generation that care should be taken to clean the hometown and be friendly to nature.

Today, on the initiative of the public charity fund «Vinogradov», with the support of the district education department of the Vynohradiv district state administration and with the participation of high school students, 6 schools of the city held an «Clean Environment» action in the extra-ordinary hours.

It took only one hour to clear the territory of the park from plastic, mostly rubbish, and make the favorite rest of the vineyards even more welcoming and cozy. It is known that children’s playgrounds are always crowded, some come here to play sports, and the local amphitheater, judging by the photo in social networks, is in high demand among young people as a venue for photo-sessions. It’s a pity only when not everyone understands that a glass bottle thrown outside a urn or a PET bottle not only spoils the panorama of the environment, but also shows the culture of some citizens. Therefore, we hope that the younger generation, which was actively involved in today’s promotion, will grow more environmentally friendly.

It is known that yesterday the vinegar was divided into a network of photographs made on the morning of May 10, which shows that not all the pile of plastic utensils and garbage after the end of the festival «Ugochanskaya Vine» were cleaned. However, the administration of the park reacted very quickly and already at dinner they were not.















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