Roman’s father Alexander Lemak is asking for help from his son to deal with a serious illness.

The native of Zatsisivka village, now a resident of Kamenya-Kashirsky, in Volhynia, Alexander Lemak whose family was in an extremely difficult situation because of sudden illness of his son and from which they can not get out of their own, asks former fellows for help.

Their son, Roman Lemak, born in 1986, was given a disappointing diagnosis: «cirrhosis of the viral etiology (HBV)» and now urgently needed transplant of the donor organ.

So it was a destiny that parents could not have their children, and adopted a five-year-old boy from Vinogradov, just a kindergarten. At school at Roman, viral hepatitis B was discovered, so all his life had to live with this disturbing diagnosis. He constantly performed the necessary examinations when he needed to be treated. However, there was a disappointing moment — the state of his health suddenly deteriorated. Treatment in rayon and oblast hospitals did not produce the desired result. After a survey at the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantation named after A. O. Shalimov, physicians concluded that liver transplantation is needed.

A man invites all the inhabitants of the province to help save his only son Roman, whose life can be discontinued at any moment because of a serious illness. In order not to happen, he must in the shortest possible time conduct a bargain transaction. The final results of the analysis of the potential donor are currently awaiting. When they will, they plan to conduct operative intervention. The cost of an operation in Ukraine is 50 thousand dollars, and abroad is even more expensive — 100-150 thousand dollars.

The relatives are in despair and turn to all the benefactors of Transcarpathia and non-indigent fellow countrymen with a great request for help.

The number of a card account in PrivatBank, on which you can transfer funds: 5168757302372687 (Roman Alexandrovich Lemak). Funds can also be transferred to Oschadbank at pp 3739790404, ZKPO 09303328, MFO 303398, marked «to be credited to the current account 26255500703858».

Let’s be noble and help our countryman Romana Lemak to be cured, and his child, which is worn under the heart of the wife of Lesya, not to lose her father.



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