In the Vineyard, the International Children’s Day was celebrated in magnitude.

The event, which took place near the Grand supermarket, gathered a large, small town and villages in the area. The children were having fun with interesting contests, entertaining their favorite cartoon heroes and treating sweets. The most anticipated event of the holiday was the appearance of the transformer Bumblebee, which everyone could shake their hand and take a photo in memory.


The event was attended by volunteers from the Vinogradov Foundation, which funded a charity event for seven-year-old Oli Kopilets from Podvynogradov, who suffers from cerebral palsy. Total indifferent donated 1701 hryvnia. So, to the necessary amount of 18 thousand hryvnas, it was necessary to collect a little more than 3 000.




Recall that during the preliminary charitable campaign in support of the Ola managed to gather 12 990 hryvnia.

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