9th September first school bell rang in special class for children with spesiall needs. First time here become to get education 10 students from Vinogradov and from several surrounding villages.

These children which were diagnosed cerebral palsy and autism and they requiring correction of physical and mental health. Study in this class will allow to them adapting in school environment.

Was planned opening this class in last year but attempt to collect students berore 1th September was failed. In this year it was done. And in result we have one special preparatory class where get education seven boys and three girls.

The study many objects like in normal School: Ukrainian language, mathematics, fine arts, I and Ukraine, music, health care. And one difference from an ordinary only — short class program. In addition teachers will conuct corrective classes in development of language, orientation in socialy and rhythmic gymnastics. In generally lessons spending in playing form.

Education process begin at 8:30 in morning. And children with lives going to school and come back to home by special bus.

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