For first stage of therapy needed 100 thousand Ua. Now girl’s parents already have 63 445 Ua and 12th January 2016 year girl with her mother waiting in clinic Russian city Yaroslavl where doctors are ready to do difficult surgery.

In story of family Kudron from village Trosnyk from Vynogradov region is first positive changes. They were in border of despair because of illness daughter Danielka but now they have hope for recovery of their child.

Danielka Kudron which is six years old have not possibility fully develop because she has Moebius syndrome. And illness limiting move of girl and she can not to close her mouth and speak normally.

Charitable foundation «Vinogradov» and caring people from Transcarpathian region together collected 63 445 Ua of necessary 100 thousand which needed for first stage therapy of little Danielka.

Therapy this very rare congenital disease conduct in few hospitals in the world only. Among these clinics in Israel, France and Russia. Doctors from city Yaroslavl (Russia) are ready to help little girl from Transcarpathia. Already 12th January next 2016 year Russian doctors waiting Danielka with her mother in their medical clinic.

Recall that already became raise money for therapy of little girl because her parents can not let themself do this own.

Please do not be indifferent! Together we can give this girl chance to live full life in future.

The first phase fundraising — 100 000. Phone Moms — 066 212-62-83 (Anna)

Account number: 2600 1025 0006 66

PJSC «Commercial Bank-infestetsiynyy»

MFO: 312248

Code: 19355562

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