The dream of both seeing the mountains has come true despite all the obstacles.

Two of Vinnytsia’s friends succeeded in what nobody ever did to them. Athlete Yevgen took a patient with cerebral palsy Yuri on the highest mountain of Ukraine.

At 3 o’clock in the morning, the participants of the rally and journalists crossed the checkpoint «Zaroslyak» at the foot of the mountain. There, the guard confirmed that such a rise in the history of Hoverla was not yet.

«It was that without legs came out on bicycles, and this was not the case,» said Volodymyr Tuz.

And he warned that the lighter trail was blurred by rains, it was necessary to go faster, but it was too heavy for such a climb. A few minutes to the meeting, the decision — to go on a blurry path, and there already, as it will be.

Together with his friends on Hoverla, the father of Zhenya and his friend Sergey are raised — these are two pairs of hands, without which Zhenya himself Yura should not be put on his shoulder. Yevgen immediately attains such a pace that everyone barely makes it behind him. It is noticeable that the boys are charged, they dreamed about climbing more than six months, three months hard training. A few minutes for breakfast — peanut paste, honey, nuts — and again on the road.

A few hundred meters, and stubborn fires retreating — begin the sub-alpine meadows. There is cold even in the summer, the trees no longer grow, only the bushes through which it is necessary to break out. The ascent has been going on for more than three hours, and in Yevgen there are the first problems — «woke up» old knee injury. He roars like a beast and asks for a harbor for coffee. During which he changes the third wet t-shirt, while Jura, by contrast, wears a warm sweater.

«The knee is swollen», — says Zhenya.

Ahead of the hardest part of the path is the coolest slope. Vinnitsyans stop every hundred meters, but this is not surprising, because for these 100 meters the meters are 20-30 heights. The track is really blurred, as warned at the checkpoint, so it’s difficult to scratch the mountain. The convulsions are erected so that Eugene is not something to go up, he can not stand. It comes nasty when the hope is destroyed.

However, the next thing is that it usually happens only in the cinema — this kind of assistance comes at the most important moment. Below a group of Rivne schoolboys rises, and with them — a doctor. One of the teachers picks up a heavy ratchet of his father Zhenya, the other stretches and heats up the gritted muscle and says such words from which Eugene gets up, takes on Zhenya and goes forward.

On Hoverla, Zhenya and Gosha are crying: «Hurray!» And «Well done!». Vinnitsyans do not restrain emotions and try to make sure that all this is not a dream and a dream has become a reality.



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