In the story of family Matishynets from Pushkinovo of Vynogradiv district, which fights with serious illness of their daughter, there is the first good news what give the hope in recuperate.

Today parents of girl received from from Foundation «Vinogradiv» next amount of money for therapy their daughter Emilia who suffering from bilateral sensorineural deafness. This amount includes the money which was collected during charity action in the festival «Ugochanska loza» by volunteers from Uzhgorod (4000 UAH). And also money which was collected in the charity boxes, wtat placed in banks and retail outlets in Vinogradiv.

As told girl’s mother Victoria in the next week they hope to receive the cochlear implant (for one ear) for their daughter. As she told also later they waiting operation and rehabilitation.

Emilia Matishynets needs another similar implant on the second ear in the future.




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