Eight-year boy Maksim Rachok have a therapy in OHMADET hospital and already had three blocks of chemotherapy. But unfortunately he feel himself still the same.

«Before our son was not sick at any time, — said Maksimk’s mother Renata Rachok. — But in October of last year on his stomach suddenly appeared tumor. And it was increasing each two days».

Parents of boy were appealed to doctors in hospital in Vinogradiv but unfortunately they could not help his child. Only in Kiev in Institute of Cancer in November of last boy had full examination. And there was found that the tumor has cancerous origin. And moreover — it is not subject for to surgical intervention.

Maxim has the threapy in National Specialized Children’s Hospital OHMADET. But for boy is not enough the medicines which are there. Add what needed usually bring the volunteers bring or buy parents.

«My son already had three blocks of chemotherapy the cost of which is 50 thousand, — says mother. — But we need the same amount again for next therapy».

She is in despair now. And she asking for possibility of help in public charity foundation «Vinogradiv» and from all people that together to can save the life of her son.

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