All money which was collected during photo-session were handed to family of Ksenky Heyrush immediately. The little girl suffering from serious illness and has therapy in Hungary.

The initiated of charity action were teams «OLAG production studio» and «Ruslana Decor.» In center of Vinogradov was set place for photo-session and worked professional photographer.

Participation in this charity action took more then three hundred people. All money from sales of professional photos were handed to family of Ksenia Heyrush.

«We were united for charitable purpose. In this action we had invested not only our professional talent and also a lot of our love», — retold one from organizers of action.

Currently continues fundraiser for this little sick girl with Vinogradov. In two years Ksenia Heyrush suffers from hard illness — aplastic anemia. Disease is extremely difficult and can help the operation to transplant bone marrow only, which agreed to do foreign doctors.

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