Six-year child — Danielka Kudron from village the Trosnyk that is in Vynogradiv from birth suffers from rare disease — Moebius syndrome, dome the first big step to her recover.

The doctors from Yaroslavl town (Russia), doctors from the city of Yaroslavl (Russian Federation) were responded and agreed to take on such this therapy complex of congenital anomalies, in 14th January in this year done the first operation.

«The operation was successful. It continued during 11 hours and I had not seen my daughter a more than 13 hours. Only two hours was needed for to prepare the operation, — says mother of girl. — We stayed in Yaroslavl during 11 days, 8 of them  — in the hospital».

To girl during operation was transplanted muscles and veins. So now continue the restoration process. Some stitches will  removed and others will absorbable  themselves.

«Danielka waiting for else one operation. It will the same doctors. Now the exact date is not determined but it will be after 3-4 months», — continues to mother of Danielka.

And after this only then will take gradual rehabilitation. During which Danielka will learn expressions, talk, eating properly and express her emotions and most importantly — to smile.

The charity public foundation «Vinofradiv» to joins to thanks words and express gratitude to all who contributed in this charity issue.

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