The charity event, which was scheduled to take place on June 23, and which prevented a heavy raining from happening, will take place on July 16th. The purpose of the event is to support the twelve-year-old Galician Starostov, who suffers from cystic fibrosis and needs a liver transplant operation.

On July 16, in Vinograd, a charity bicycle ride will start in support of a sick girl. All the money raised will go to the treatment of Galinka Starosty, who from birth struggles with rare congenital genetic disease, which affects vital vital organs, and now the girl needs liver transplant.


The bike race starts at 18.00 from the square of Mir (opposite the building of the Rayon State Administration) along the route: the square of Mir — Kopasnaya street — Kommunalnaya street — Chkalov str. — Ardovetska street — Miru st. — Mir.


Within the framework of the action under the slogan «Charity = Love» a flash mob with the participation of pupils from the group «child fitness» of the fitness center «Dart» and volunteers of the «Vinohradiv» charity fund will be held, which, like the whole bicycle race, will be captured with the help of a drone -shooting In addition, among the participants of the cycling race will hold a lottery, where the main prize will be a bicycle.

The organizers of the action are the Vinogradov charitable foundation, with the information support of the Vynohradiv district state administration and IA «Voice of the Carpathians», as well as technical support to the Internet provider «Express».

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