The sum of 19 thousand 20 hryvnias managed to collect thanks to the boxes of charity and the volunteers of the Foundation «Vinogradiv».

On August 18, representatives of the public charity fund «Vinogradov» handed over to Starost’s families the funds collected for the treatment of their daughters — Galyna and Elizaveta.

Sisters struggle with rare congenital genetic disease — cystic fibrosis. This ailment is a defeat of almost all vital organs. Due to the chronic course of the pathological process, girls need constant treatment, and in the elderly of the sisters, Galynka, hepatic insufficiency has already developed on the background of the disease, which is transformed into cirrhosis of the liver and the girl needs an urgent and costly operation.


As part of the fund raising project, the Vinogradov charitable fund organized a charity bike action, during which 17,247 hryvnias were collected for the treatment of Galinka.

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