The family Marjan from village Matiyevo, that near Vynogradiv, now the real chance to overcome the illness of their little daughter Kristinka. Who from birth have the disappointing diagnosis — cerebral palsy.

 Last month, the mother of a girl — Sabina — asked the mother of a girl — Sabina — to help arrange fundraising for her three-year-old daughter suffering from cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, dysplasia of hip joints). The woman said that for all time, Christina did not take any independent steps and is now moving with the help of children’s walkers. But, since this form of cerebral palsy is not too complicated and subject to surgical intervention, fortunately, doctors give optimistic forecasts and hope that even before the first class, Christina can go on his own. The only condition for this is laser surgery on the muscles and courses for gradual rehabilitation.

And the already launched charity donation campaign has the first results. Thanks to the targeted help from the patron, most of the amount required for surgery and post-operative rehabilitation for Kristinka is already collected.

«I did not expect that someone would respond to help our problem and still make it so useless,» says Sabina’s mom. «We are sincerely grateful to all who are with us today, and especially to the person who made such a gift for us and gave our girlfriend a chance for a full childhood.»

The Vinogradov Charitable Foundation continues to collect the necessary amount and appeals to all those who are not indifferent with the request to help Marian Kristiintsi make the first step in his life.

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