About a pain that does not subsist. About the pain with which you learn to live.

Annie has three boys. Two — Andrei and Misha — here on the ground, and there is also Vova — he is in heaven. Volodya died of cancer a year ago. He appears in Ani’s head as pictures of a diafilm. Click — and a new image. Click — a new phrase, issued by some sort of internal randomiser.

Here Vova buys a phone for accumulated savings, and then a bicycle. He was able to spend money wisely with the money. Candies or cookies and parents will buy. Here he suddenly began to paint. Smiling, he demanded paint and canvas in the hospital. Here is the figure of origami, which he made a little baby. Not sick, not weak. Zinger.

But at the table there is a doctor, to whom Volodya was brought, when the boy just started complaining about headaches and nausea. The doctor says: «This he does not want to go to school.» And he loved school, all the items, well, except that English is not very much.

Break between chemists. Ana and Vova can be returned from the hospital to Kirovograd. But there are no tickets, so they sleep with Anina girlfriend. He takes wine and offers a drink for health.

Vova looks a lot: «Drink better for us. They do not drink for health, they pray for health. «

Suddenly, a priest emerges from nowhere with his «So, he needs it there». Then Anya sees herself as if there are two Ani. The second of the film says: «Why is your God so unscrupulous? Why is he so pleased? Why not me? «The scream is dissolving and a new picture appears.

Sasha, he is 16 years old. The same number would be now Wow. Sasha and Vova were friends with their nurseries. Only Sasha told Vova in the hospital. Vova admitted: «This is my only friend, the rest are acquaintances.» «How could he understand it about friends in his fourteen, if I understood it only to forty?» — Anya wonders mentally every time.

Someone comforts: «You wait, the pain will go away.» No, she does not drown. Just study with her to live. The wove is taken to the operation. January 3rd. He asks: «Mom, you just do not cry and do not run for a wheelchair, as all moms do». «I will not». Anya froze on the way out of the ward. Has given a word, means to keep it. After the surgery, we will have to learn to go and talk again. When he can, the mother will gently mourn: «And you still cried». But did not run the same.

Another MRI. The results are encouraging. A sister from the Crimea calls: «Come to us at sea.» How to ride You can not be in the sun.

«And you did not think that this may be my last sea?» They sighed him for words, but they assembled suitcases, bought tickets and drove.

Last days at home. Natasha arrived — a volunteer and a girlfriend. «Natasha, you see that I’m bad. Why do not you do anything? «They ran to the cry of the kitchen. 2 o’clock in the night «Mom, water my hand. Now tell me — I let you go. Mom, come on. » «I let you go». «Thank you.» 4 am Gone

Tomorrow the randomiser will turn on again. Tomorrow will be the Day of Memory, which is already organized for the second time by the Charity Fund «Tablets». This year will bring together forty families who have lost their children due to illness. Anya will also come to have someone cry on her shoulder, or maybe she will want to cry for herself.

They will meet in the apple orchard, will remember, speak, watch the photos, hug. And then they will plant a tree. Trees will grow, bloom and produce fruit. And there will be spring, summer, autumn, winter and again spring. And today, Anya is going with a spirit under the grip on the guitar of Misha, the youngest son. He tries to take the first chords. Today his dream came true — he got a guitar.


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