Cheerful and funny girl Ksenia Heyrush suffering from severe and rare disease — the aplastic anemia. Now girl is being therapy in Hungary and cost of one course for five-day course is 150 thousand.

With help of caring people for therapy of girl parents were spent more than 300 thousand. And now parents and relatives of Ksenia to appeal to asking all nice people asking about help again.

But the amount for to save life of their daughter still is not determined for now. In cause if will be needed the marrow transplantation the cost for next therapy can be more than like 1 million.

Hetrush family few years ago lost their other daugther — older sister of little Ksenia. After long therapy Hobika died of leukemia. And now in the mortal threat is their other daughter.

So do not be indifferent! All together we are able to save a little angel!

Account in PrivatBank: 5168-7556-2564-5953

Receiver: Robert Heyrush Adalbertovych (Ksenia’s father)

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