A six-year-old boy suffers from cerebral palsy and needs surgery and rehab.

Vitalik was born in a large family of Bolognese from the village of Chornotisovo in the Vynohradiv district. The boy became the sixth child in a big family and has five more sisters, the oldest of whom is 17 years old. From birth, the boy has an inborn flaw — cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis), and in his sixth birthday, he has never stopped at his feet and can only crawl.

According to doctors, it is possible to put a baby on the legs, but this requires surgery and postoperative treatment in the ODL in the city of Mukachevo.

Required amount — 12 000 hryvnia.

We appeal to everyone who is not indifferent and ask us to make a dream with Vitalik! Making kids happy is really easy!

Join yourself to charity and you!


Account in PJSC «Ukrsotsbank»
MFO: 300023,
OKPO: 00039019
Transit account: 29241000050619
Purpose of payment: to replenish the SSC number 26259300025492
Recipient: Valentine Vasilyevich Bogdan
Phone for the boy’s mother: +38 098 530 26 91

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