Girl from village Korolevo Bogdana Furcha which was born 1999 year had removal of malignant tumor in cerebellum and aggressive treatment by antibiotics after.

She had bypass of vessels head. During two years girl been in motionless state and 6 months of this period — in coma.

Neurosurgeons from Uzhgorod talking about her story of recovery after operation like about example for other children which have cancer illness.

Girl has big will of live and comes to life each day step by step. But she still has attacks each time do up reduces arm or leg and loss of consciousness also. And this all is too hard to keep balance and stand on his legs again. But she has chance!

Bogdanka can start walking again. In this cause her can will help swimming and horse’s therapy. For costs of first stage of rehabilitation is enough 6495 Ua.

Public Charitable Foundation «Grapes» began raising money for rehabilitation Bogdanka Furcha.