Family Kudron from village Trosnyk that is in Vynogradiv, asks all caring inhabitant of Transcarpathia and all people who can to show compassion for helping their little daughter Danielky.

Girl which is six years old can not evolve fully because she suffers by Moebius syndrome. Illness restricts girl and interfere to Danielle to close her mouth and speak good.

Hope on the operation only which parents of girl can not pay own.

Please people do not be indifferent and together we can give to this child chance at full life.

The first stage fundraising — 100 000 Ua. Phone of mother — 066 212 62 83 (Anna)

Account number: 26001025000666

PJSC «Commercial Bank-infestetsiynyy»

MFO: 312248

Code: 19355562