The «Vinogradov» charity fund has completed fundraising for its next ward — a half-year-old Lyubomirchik from Cherni, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Last Friday, the fund employees handed the boy’s parents the money needed to undergo rehabilitation at the International Rehabilitation Clinic in Truskavets, where a small patient from Vynogradivschina is waiting for this Monday.

Even before his appearance, Lyubomyr began to struggle for life. The births themselves were complicated and a boy with many birth defects was born. In his short age, he has already experienced a lot of painful but necessary treatment, which nevertheless allows him to bring the development of the child closer to his peers.

In the boxes for the collection of charitable funds, which were placed at retail outlets and banking institutions Vinogradov, indifferently poured 16 250 hryvnia. Also, some money was transferred to the boy’s mother’s bank card. So the amount necessary for rehabilitation treatment and related expenses — 18 000 hryvnas, was provided to the fullest.


Phone for Oksana’s boy: +38 068 511 02 44
Account in PJSC KB PrivatBank:
Card number: 5168 7573 1089 1165
Recipient: Oksana Folovka


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