To have a loyal fluffy friend is great happiness. However, not everyone can create a cat or a dog, even if he really wants to. Apartment issues, financial problems, allergies — the reasons for this can be many.

However, if you really love animals — you can take care of them even at a distance or during short visits. Cats and dogs in numerous refuges of Ukraine, like no other, need love, support and care. There are a lot of ways to help them, and everyone can choose the most affordable one for themselves.

How can you help the shelters? At the very least, there are 10 options.

1. Transfer unnecessary things


Probably, in some distant storeroom in your house or at the cottage overflowed with superfluous things, with which time it would be easy to say goodbye. Old warm clothes, blankets, pillows; furniture; brooms, scoops; buckets, pans, basins and bowls — all this will be useful in the shelters.

Also, building materials are always needed to strengthen the aviaries, insulation of the booths and the improvement of shelter areas. Dog collars, leashes and pet toys will never be overused here. In addition, if you wish, you can convey to the shelters medicines, pet food, groats. Lists with all the necessary things can be found on their websites.

2. To arrange shelter «cleaning»


In the shelters there is always a lot of work — not only for the staff, but also for the guests. There will be problems in the winter and summer, both for girls and for boys.

The most pleasant and easy task is to directly communicate with the animals. Catch cats, play dogs with exercise machines (if they are in the shelter) or teach them to walk on a leash, scrub the hair.

If we talk about another «easy» work, sometimes in the shelters they are asked to remove the aviaries, to wipe the glass in the rooms where the cats live, to help the animals to be slaughtered by means of parasites. During the cold season, volunteers also help insulate doghouse booths with straw.

A lot of work in shelters is also available for men. Sometimes it is necessary to cut or pack firewood, to carry drinking water through the cages, to repair or insulate the booths. Some shelters in the autumn are asked to remove dry leaves, and in winter, during heavy snowfalls, it is snow.

Before your first trip to this or that refuge, be sure to clarify the rules of his visit. You may need to take a passport with you and warn employees about your visit. If you are going to go to the shelter for the first time — try to join the «busy» volunteers. Usually they write about their trips on community pages in social networks, in particular, they are looking for traveling companions.

3. Help financially


This is one of the easiest and at the same time the most «angry» options. According to the estimates of the shelter Sirius, to feed one animal, it is necessary about 150 UAH per month. Given that animals in shelters are usually hundreds and even thousands, the amount goes out round. And since money is needed not only for feeding animals, but for the payment of utilities, and for treatment, the situation becomes literally very complicated. But if each person enters into shelters for 10-20, and preferably 100-200 UAH per month (and if possible — and more) — this will be simultaneously both absolute assistance and enormous support for their inhabitants.
Finding details for the transfer of money is often available on official sites of the shelters or on their pages in social networks. In addition, you can organize an entire charity campaign by installing donation boxes in your office or institution where you work.

4. To provide «auto help»


Often, shelters and their regular volunteers are looking for drivers who could take their wards to a veterinary clinic, to an exhibition or directly to the shelter. If from time to time you can provide similar «auto help» — ask yourself to register yourself in the volunteers ‘bands and subscribe to the shelters’ pages in social networks in order to quickly find out all the news.

5. Provide photo and video support, help with the dissemination of information


Did you know that from the shelter you can take not only an unparalleled dog (metis), but also a Staffordshire terrier, a pit bull, a Siamese and even an Angora cat? Many do not know about it. He does not know not only about the possibilities offered by the shelters, but even about the existence of many of them. Therefore, asylum should be talked about as much as possible — in the media, social networks, on the street, at work.

Asylum-seekers need high-quality photos and videos to publish up-to-date information about dogs and cats looking for a home. That’s why photographers, designers and videographers are always very needed. Copywriters, philologists, journalists and smm-shchiki can also help the shelters with professional knowledge — write texts / posts / articles, edit promotional leaflets, etc. In addition, some of the shelters have to ask for help from translators, since Ukrainian animals abandoned from time to time can find a new home abroad.

6. To help organize events


To find out more about people about shelters, opportunities to help them and to take animals from there, volunteers try to take as many measures as possible and participate in various events — exhibitions, festivals, fairs. There you can not only show your animals, but also sell souvenir products, to arrange a vivid photo zone, whose pictures are then many converted in social networks. Such actions need not only to invent and think, but also to help realize.

7. To buy souvenir products of the asylum


Nobody cancels personal life and many of the annual bright holidays. However, even buying gifts for your friends, you can help the animals. Some shelters are trying to develop their own souvenir products or organize small thematic stores where you can buy various stylish accessories and stationery with the original design — bags, shirts, notebooks, etc. Part of the money from their sale goes to support shelters. So if your friend is an animal lover, why not please him with a gift «2v1»?

8. Take the animal for temporary cattle breeding


Not all animals that fall into the shelter can live there. Puppies, kittens, dogs after surgery — it’s best for them all if they temporarily can live in a warm and cozy home. To do this, there are overexertions — families who agree to shelter and provide care to her for a while. In parallel, volunteers are actively looking for new owners for her.

At the same time, some shelters are looking for temporary families who could take cats and dogs to their homes for socialization. After all, animals that are accustomed to home conditions and communication with the owners (even temporal), it will be much easier to find a new permanent home.

9. Become a guardian or curator


If you can completely or partially hold the animal, but picking it up to your home is not possible — become her guardian / curator. Monthly contributions will provide your wallet, regular vaccination and all the necessary treatment. You can come to visit him, walk him, and look for him a permanent family.

10. Take home. Forever


Probably the greatest help you can give asylum is to give the animal a new home. Every cat and every dog who has found a new home is a great joy to both employees and regular volunteers. And you for such an «inborn» pet will become not only a beloved master and a faithful friend, but also a real savior.

There are a lot of homeless animals in Ukraine and a lot of shelters. Most of them hold on the courageous shoulders of their founders and the initiative of non-volunteer volunteers. Among those who help animals in the shelters, you can meet a lot of interesting and experienced people — producers, animators, designers, photographers. And when you become part of this movement, even the Porsche Cayenne, which comes to the shelter with food and goodies for dogs, ceases to amaze you.


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